About the Author

Greg Mowbray is the founder and CEO of the Licence to Lead Leadership Development Program. He is a leadership speaker, author, mentor, facilitator and consultant. He works with individuals, teams and organisations to build leadership capability.

In the past Greg has been a pioneering health researcher, an award winning advertising executive and a university lecturer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Masters of Medical Science.

Greg is passionate about inspiring the people he works with to become better leaders, to grow and learn, and to make a difference.

He is currently working with a range of organisations across a variety of industry sectors to build ‘cultures of leadership’ where people are engaged, happy and productive.

The qualities that set Greg’s Licence to Lead Programs apart are that they are simple, practical and straightforward. People ‘get’ what they need to do and feel confident in succeeding.

Greg partners with clients and provides one-on-one mentoring programs, training programs and customised in-house corporate leadership development programs. He is a newspaper columnist, regular blogger and author. Greg is also an accomplished keynote speaker and facilitator.

He believes that most individuals in supervisory, management and leadership positions want to be better at what they do, but many just do not know where to start. His programs are designed to help these people develop into better leaders, and ultimately, to make a difference to their teams, organisations, families and lives.

The most important things in Greg’s life are his wife and four children, his extended family and the Newcastle Knights.