About the book

Before you get a licence to drive a car, you have to do several things. First, ask for one—that is, go to the authorities, prove your age, fill in some paperwork, pay a fee, and importantly, demonstrate that you know the rules of the road. Driving rules such as giving way, what to do at roundabouts, staying on the correct side of the road, adhering to speed limits, wearing a seat belt and more.What about leadership? Many of us don’t ask for leadership responsibility—we get pushed into it, inherit it or get it by default, because there was no one else. Having said this, some of us do actively seek out becoming a leader.Where are the ‘rules of the road’ for leadership? Where are the three weeks of close supervision by an experienced leader to give us guidance and advice? In fact, many of us have only had hoons and drunk drivers as leadership role models.Some of the people we have learnt ‘leadership lessons’ from have been unlicensed, unregistered and possibly asleep at the wheel. But that’s all about to change!



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